Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quito to Cuenca

Bus reached Cuenca at 7:44.  We took a taxi to the homestay we had a reservation in.  A young man and a pregnant woman greeted us.  We got two rooms: one on the ground floor and the other on the floor above.  After settling in, we asked the couple about Comida China; they recommended we go to Mall del Rio. She said it was there they normally ate Comida China.  What about a Comida China place near  the terminal.  No, that area is not safe at night, it has prostitutes, the man said and laughed. He laughs loudly after everything he says.  The woman seems to be the smarter of the two; she called for a taxi.  We reached the mall that probably is the pride of Cuenca: glittering, clean, and pricey. This is how modernity is being narrowly defined by the wealthy of the third world.