Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bogota to Cali bus

You can bargain on bus tickets in Colombia
We were told Bolivariano [] was the best service to go from Bogota to Cali.  At the bus terminal in Bogota we asked the ticket price at the Bolivariano desk.  The woman said the price was 62K, but she would give it to us for 57K.  Coming to the terminal I had asked the taxi driver about the ticket price.  Based on that knowledge I told the Bolivariano woman the price was normally 39K; the best I could do was 50K.  She picked up the phone and pretended she was asking someone if the deal was OK.  While on the phone she wrote down 3000 on a piece of paper in front of her.  What 3000?  When she was done talking, she wrote 53000 on a piece of paper, gave that note to me, and asked me to come back at 8:30, to buy tickets at that price.  From there we went to the Velotax counter.  They had a bus leaving for Cali at 9 am, and the price was 45K per person. [1 USD= 1876 COP (Peso Colombiano) on June 16, 2014]

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