Friday, January 2, 2015

Avenida de Volcanes

Asked the young taxi man about buses to Quenca.  He praised the service and was impressed the way movies are shown on that trip.  Reached the train satation around 7:20.  It was a small place; there was a sizable crowd.  Went in the office to get information.  The staff had just gotten in; I sat across a short woman who was firing up her computer; she came to my side to unplug things from the back of the computer and then put them back again.  Her computer finally started working.  She told me the 8 am train was 'completo'.  There was only one seat left in the 9 am train; ticket was $36.  What? On their web site it said the ticket was $2.40 or around that.  She said that was for another trip that had been cancelled.  The only trip that was available was of Avenida de Volcanes.  Was I at the right place? "Are you a travel agency and not Ecuador Tren?"  I asked.  No, she was with Ecuador Tren; asked her to give me some time while I think it out.  I came out of the office.

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