Friday, November 14, 2014

Being entertained by Eugenio Derbez

The second movie was by Eugenio Derbez starring Eugenio as a Mexican giglo in Acapulco, full of American tourists.  An American woman he gets pregnant leaves the young child with Eugenio.  He enters the USA illegally to find the mother; ends up becoming a stunt man in Hollywood.  Finally the mother is found, and a custody battle ensues.  The film showed Latin America's confidence in the American justice system.  The judge gives child's custody to the father even when the father does not speak a word of English.  But celebrations end soon when Eugenio's deportation orders arrive.  He runs away with the child.  Ultimately the mother comes down to Mexico and starts living with them, but then the movie ends with the child suddenly dead.  How? Why?
And we were still some distance away from Quito.

This photo was taken the next day, in Quito.

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