Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eating late at night in Quito

On our way to the hotel we saw Mc Donalds and other US chains.  At the hotel a young man looked at our reservation and uttered expletives in English; he said the family room was taken.  He could put us in three rooms, but looking at the children decided we would fit in two. Quickly settled in the rooms and tried to order pizza online from Pizza Hut, but the Ecuadorian web site did not have such an option. Went down and asked the young man for help; he called the restaurant, only to find out they did not deliver.  Asked him to get us a taxi.  The taxi took us to the busy part of town, there were many restaurants that were open, and hookers were busy too; finally found the Pizza Hut we were looking for. Sat upstairs and ate. There were only three other tables that were occupied, two with couples, one large one with people who looked like they were university professors or journalists;.  Two large pizzas for $21.40 was a good deal.  Came out to find our aged taxi driver driver dozing off.

This photo was taken the next day, in Quito.

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